Dear Kids

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November 30, 2013
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Dear Kids

Dear Kids

Written by Mike Schall Wednesday, 24 July 2013

[Editor’s note: Mike Schall is a coach and Associate Director at Triangle Volleyball Club in North Carolina. He writes a blog that is inspired by his love of the game, desire to educate young people and a lifetime of experience. Enjoy this entry, which is relevant to all of us]
Dear Kids,
It’s complicated being a kid today (and a parent) but not as complicated as you might think. The following bits of advice may help you navigate. This list is not based on scientific research, in depth analysis, or the thousands of studies done on your generation. This list, however, is from deep in my heart and from my 22 years of coaching young people, praying for them, and investing heavily in them. You are world changers. May the following list touch your hearts, influence your actions, and propel you to a new level of belief in who you were created to be:

1. YOU have a purpose...a unique, wonderful purpose. Nobody else was created like you. You were created for a reason. Fall in love with that reason and go do it. If you remember nothing else from this list, remember that.

2. Develop meaningful relationships filled with honesty and sincerity. You don’t have to be friends with everybody and you do not need to seek the approval of others to feel worthy.

3. Ask questions. You don’t have to have everything figured out. Asking questions indicates humility and a willingness to learn. There is nobody more fun to be around than a person with a teachable spirit.

4. Work. Shortcuts are no fun. You might think they get you somewhere faster and you may be right, but work gives meaning and opportunities to grow that shortcuts simply don’t.

5. Treat others well.

6. Develop core values in your life that you simply won’t compromise. If you know your core values, you are no longer subject to the atmosphere in the room. You create the atmosphere. Our family’s core values are very simple: 1) Love Jesus 2) Love each other 3) Be honest 4) Have courage 5) Do your best. Someday my children will develop their own set of core values but for now, they know these like they know their names.

7. Compete every day for what is important to you.

8. Believe in something bigger than you. Life is so much richer when you believe in something big.

9. Be ok with mistakes. If you are making no mistakes, you are most likely sitting on the couch hoping something good happens to you and wondering why it isn’t. Be willing to go and do something at the risk of making mistakes.

10. Be present. Put your phones away, tell Instagram to take a hike, tweet your followers that you are going to be ‘off the grid’ for a week, change your facebook status...oh wait, facebook is for old people like me. So uncool. By being present, I mean look people in the eye, have a conversation, look out the window and experience life through your own eyes. Just wanted to share what was on my heart today. If you are a parent, share this list with your child. If you are a child, share this list with your parents. If you are a coach, share this list with your athletes. Please talk about it. Truly important stuff.

Coach Mike

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